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Ciporkin Dalit is an Israeli fashion designer that works and lives in Tel Aviv.

Dalit has BFA in industrial design from Vitale design college (today the college is part of Shenkar college).                                  

Ciporkin's designs are influenced by the Bauhaus architecture prominent in Tel Aviv, Japanese styles from her living and working in Japan, and urban European fashion from her traveling around the world.

Ciporkins designs have architectural features with urban style and geometric lines. The brand has a casual and comfortable look using delicate textiles and unique flowing designs. Ciporkin's unique features are feminine style with monochromatic colors, a wide range of textures and patterns, asymmetrical cuts and rough edges. This style suits the modern woman that doesn’t want to compromise unique looks over comfort and can blend fashionably at all ambient.

Ciporkin collections are dynamic and surprising. Each collection has a couture range of designs in small quantities that come to light during the season. Dalit's style of modeling and shaping is very intuitive and bold .The collections style derives from her feelings, thoughts and experiences at the time of their birth and Some designs are even spurred by unique textiles that she finds on her never ending tour after interesting textiles.